Sidecar tours

“discover sydney DIFFERENTLY, it makes the destination worth it”

Well gentle folks,

If you read our story, you know already that we are passionate motorcycle riders; we got a sweet spot for machines that have a unique history, classic lines and unbeatable performance, that’s why we choose Indian®, the first American Motorcycle company, as platform to operate our tours. 

Nonetheless, recently we had to make some room in our garage for a vintage looking sidecar made by the Russian Ural. The design of the rig is inspired by the old flat-twin BMW’s, and it really didn’t changed much in past 60 years; the lines are slick but at the same time are kind of tough and timeless, way too cool to not own one.

The sidecar gives a different perspective to our high octane motorcycle tours and its versatility makes it the ultimate touring machine. A unique vehicle designed to carry in comfort and style rider and 2 passengers; one in the chair and one as pillion on the motorcycle. 

The outfit is very roomy and it’s suitable for people of almost any age, size or ability; having a super fun experience is as simple as getting in, sit back and relax, that’s why we nicknamed  “The Road Couch”.

The Road Couch is powered by a 750 cc falt-twin engine which provides plenty of zip, but it is not exactly designed to travel at highway speeds for a prolonged time, therefore we are offering this option on all our sightseeing tours with the exclusion of Rock ‘n’ Royal and Into the Blues. (just select motorcycle or sidecar on the online booking system)

If you wish to visit these fantastic destinations on the rig, get in touch directly by clicking on the button below;  we would be delighted to organize for you a personalized sidecar tour with a custom route away from busy highways.

As part of our launching campaign we are also offering an exclusive “Sydney Twilight Sidecar Tour”

This 1 hour sightseeing sidecar tour departs at 4 pm on Sun, Mon and Tue and it’s by far the best option to see the sun setting over the majestic Sydney Harbour.

We will begin the tour by picking you up at any location of your choice within the Sydney CBD.

During the ride soak up the vibrant atmosphere as you head out towards exclusive areas of the city, zip across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the final leg of the tour and look up to admire the city’s icon from a new and unfiltered perspective. There is plenty of scenic lookouts along the route, so don’t forget to bring your camera to capture long-lasting memories.

Our Sidecar is a super fun machine and a real head-turner, don’t be surprised if you’ll find yourself waiving at strangers for apparently no reason!

Be Aware: motorcycle touring is highly addictive!

The price for this tour is $160 per person and includes gear hire and free pickup in the CBD.

This tour is not listed yet in our online booking system, please contact us directly to check our availability.

“Let’s the fun on three wheels begin”