Our story

“We design unique tours that are perfect for those who love being on the road,
in the beautiful frame of New South Wales.”

Giacomo & Roberto, Co-owners

Hi gentle folks, thanks for checking out our story.

We are Giacomo and Roberto, the rev-heads behind Black Eagle Escapes.

I’ll bet 100 bucks that you are still thinking of 25 different possible ways on how to pronounce my name. No worries, I know all of them and I will make things easier for you, just call us Jack and Rob.

As you easily guessed, we have not been exactly born and raised in Ulladulla, (BTW fantastic roads down there). We have an Italian background. 

The name Giacomo is the complicated Italian version of James, while Roberto is… well, the easy one.

MUM: I know you will read this, and I know you couldn’t have ever imagined that one day I would have moved to an English speaking county on the other side of the globe. In spite of that,  I still would like you to know that there was nothing wrong with Marc which was you first name choice!!! Still, love you!!

Jokes aside, both Rob and myself, were born and raised in Friuli, a picturesque country-side region in the north-eastern Italian Peninsula, which is just a stroll down the road from Venice. The region is renown for its Roman and Medieval cities, top class wines, and of course for its great food. So, If you ever visit the area drop us a line, we would be happy to share some nuggets with you.  

Our Australian dream started on two similar paths, I moved here in 2009 while Rob came aboard on 2011. We were both following our individual hospitality management careers till one day we bumped into each other by pure coincidence in a venue where I was working here in Sydney. The funniest side is that we never met before back in Italy despite the fact that we got several friends in common and our hometowns are literally 10 min drive apart.

We became good friends and started hanging out together, as we not only shared the same interests in our profession but also our passion for motorcycles. At the same time, like many others before us, we got bewitched by the beauty of this country.  

The rides to discover new and stunning places became longer and longer till one day the spirit of adventure and the strong bond between nature, machine and rider sparked in us the idea to form Black Eagle Escapes, Australia’s first motorcycle touring company that operates on classic Indian Motorcycles, the first and most legendary American motorcycle manufacturer.

We are looking forward to take you on an exhilarating ride unveiling hidden gems along the route.


Jack & Rob

“Riding is our passion; it’s on our blood”