Our story

Riding is our passion; it’s in our blood.

We’ve always been passionate about motorcycles; we love the spirit of adventure that’s linked to them. The strong bond between nature, machine and rider inspired us to form Australia’s first motorcycle tour company that operates uniquely on classic Indian Motorcycles.

As passionate riders and lovers of the beautiful scenery in New South Wales, we’ve designed tours that are perfect for those who love being on the road.

Indian Motorcycle ®

Indian was established in 1901 in Springfield, Massachusetts by former bicycle racers George M. Hendee and Oscar Hedstorm. The design, performance and technology of those early machines was second to none, and in just a few years the company became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Indian was not only dominating the public market, it was also one of the pioneers in motorcycling sports, such as flat track, endurance race, hill climbing and land speed. Indian Motorcycles claimed record after record and success after success.

In 1967, New Zealander Burt Munro set the world record for the fastest streamliner motorcycle at 183.586 mph on his highly-modified 1920 Indian Scout; a record that still hasn’t been beaten.

Today, Indian is celebrated all over the world for being the original and most traditional motorcycle company – one synonymous with American culture.